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The Computational Biology for Animal Agriculture Training Group has been established at Iowa State University through a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture. The group is comprised of over thirty faculty with diverse areas of expertise including computer science, mathematics, statistics, animal genetics and biotechnology, cell and developmental biology, and infectious disease. Recent advances in genome sequencing and molecular genetics will enable future scientists to explore complex biological problems using an integrated, systems-wide approach. The goal of the CBAA Training Group is to provide graduate students with the necessary skills to meet the challenges in animal agriculture at this level of complexity. A novel aspect of the training program is the emphasis on integrating state-of-the-art Bioinformatics approaches to analyzing biological data from three critical areas of animal agriculture (see also Thematic Basis for the Training Group):

Extensive contacts with nearby Federal laboratories as well as industries and universities overseas have been utilized to establish excellent internships opportunities for trainees to obtain a comprehensive education combining academic and "real-world" experiences. The CBAA is a multidisciplinary training program that combines the analytical perspectives of mathematics and computer science with basic training in animal biology to create an exciting and diverse learning environment that will prepare future scientists for the challenges and opportunities in emerging areas of animal agriculture.


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